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Emily SchafferEmily Schaffer brings over 18 years of professional work in the maternity industry and holds the following certifications: Postpartum Doula, Lactation Educator, Baby Planner, Greenproofer, Wholistic Infant Sleep Specialist & Educator, Happiest Baby on the Block Educator and Newborn Care Instructor. She received her B.A. in Holistic Health at Prescott College in Arizona. She has helped hundreds of families get better night sleep and has worked thousands of hours in private homes directly with families. Emily is committed to helping with the transition into parenthood with physical and emotional support for the entire family. She emphasizes education so that new parents are better equipped to make informed decisions and have the skills to be successful.

Emily offers private consultations on baby planning, newborn care, breastfeeding & lactation advice, newborn sleep solutions, nursery preparation, greening your home and nanny hiring. In addition she also teaches various workshops in her local and on-line community. She has been published in several on-line resources: Marinmommies, SBParent and Barefoot & Pregnant. She speaks at at national conferences on Postpartum Care. Emily is Co-President of International Maternity Institute and serves on many Advisory Boards. Emily currently lives in her native hometown of Mill Valley, California with her husband and new baby girl.


Postpartum Doula (DONA)
Lactation Educator (Evergreen Hospital)
Baby Planner (IABPP)
Green Proofer (IABPP)
Happiest Baby on the Block Educator
Dunstan Baby Language Educator
GreenBirth Educator (IMI)
Sleep Consultant (IMI)
Wholistic Infant Sleep Educator (WISE)

Advisory Board Member:

International Maternity Institute
International Academy of Baby Planner Professionals
International Association of Sleep Consultants


International Nanny of the Year 2010 for Newborn Specialist (www.nanny.org)
Ina May Gaskin award, DONA International 2010


Southern Marin Mother's Club
San Rafael Mother's Club

Speaking Engagements:

International Nanny Conference 2011
Various International webinars

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emily@BAbabyplanner.com or 415.302.6450